Kat's commissions

freelance digital artist

examples and prices are listed below, please read everything if you are considering a commission.

Listed below are all the information about prices,
different styles and extra request:

half bust sketch 25€
can be just the lineart, a colored lineart or a simple colored sketch
half bust colored 35€
can choose between a basic coloring or watercolors

full figure sketch 35€
can be just the lineart, a colored lineart or a simple colored sketch
full figure colored 50€
can choose between a basic coloring or watercolors

Examples of different styles below:

sketches with normal and colored lineart

sketches with simple coloring

basic coloring



Simple, plain, or transparent backgrounds are free.
Detailed backgrounds are an additional 10-20€ EUR depending on what it is. This will be discussed before you pay!

Any extra character must be discussed first depending on the complexity of the design and the pose.
Usually adding an extra character to your commission would be +50% the initial price for sketches, or +100% the initial price for full illustration (for each character).

✧ Except for heavy Mecha (too much time) I don't have a list of "will do, won't do", I will consider each request case-by-case based on my abilities, since I want to make sure to give you the best result.

Read all this section carefully before you commission anything.

✧ All the payments are made via Paypal using EUR (€) set as currency.

Commissions are NOT refundable, unless I have not yet started on the commission within 2 weeks from payment.

✧ Any addiction should be discussed first (extra character, detailed prop, background, etc.) since depending on the complexity of the subject this might affect the final price.

✧ All this information is NOT applicable to commercial work, therefore the commissions can only be used for the client’s personal use. Commercial work has an additional price and you will be able to buy commercial rights separately from the commission work itself. Inform me first if you are interested in this.

✧ I hold the rights over my commissions. They can be posted in my galleries, use for publicity, prints, etc.

✧ You are allowed to post it wherever you want, crop and resize for any social media use, as long as you give credits/link to me.
You are NOT allowed to: color my sketches or linework, paint over my work, remove my signature or watermark.

✧ For any questions feel welcome to ask me via message on Twitter.